What Is Considered Overweight? Let's Identify Yourself
What Is Considered Overweight? Let's Identify Yourself

What Is Considered Overweight? Let’s Identify Yourself

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Overweight is a sensitive term for some people as it slightly means one is heavier than the other. Well, this is neither one hundred percent false nor one hundred percent true. Overweight is more complex than merely about being heavier compared to other people. What is considered overweight? Is it the same as obesity? While some people think both of them are identical, overweight and obesity are two different things. Get to know more about overweight and when one is considered overweight below.

What Is Considered Overweight and What Are the Triggering Factors?

Overweight is a condition in which one’s weight is higher than normal weight due to more amount of body fat. There is a specific tool to indicate if someone is an overweight, commonly known as Body Mass Index. This is a screening tool in which one’s weight in kg is divided by his height. The number of BMI is also an indicator of body fatness.

What is considered overweight? Someone is called as overweight when his BMI is 25.0 to 30. Meanwhile, BMI higher than 30.0 is considered obesity. Overweight with less than 30.0 of BMI is also considered pre-obesity range. However, some people use the terms of pre-obese and overweight interchangeably since both of them are actually typical.

Even though overweight is commonly related to body fat, there is misperception about body fat. A healthy body with normal weight requires some amount of fat to function properly such as producing hormone, reproduction, thermal insulation, shock absorption, and immune system. In case of overweight, you have more amount of fat that your body does not actually need.

After understanding it, you should also know the triggering factors. There are several factors causing overweight. Below are several factors that cause fat buildup under your skin tissue that trigger to overweight:

1. Calories consumption

Consuming too many calories every day is responsible to overweight and obesity. When you consume more calories than your body needs, it will be stored as fat. The more you do this, the more fat you will have. There are some kinds of food that are potentially cause overweight such as fast foods, fatty foods, fried foods, canned foods, and foods with hidden sugar.

2. Lack of exercise

Workout is a key to lose body fat. The more you move, the more fat your body can burn. The stored calories will be burned as energy when you have enough exercise or workout. There are many kinds of exercise that you can adjust according to which body parts you wish to shed fat.

3. Lack of sleep

Study shows that enough sleep is able to maintain body shape, which means lack of sleep may cause overweight. It relates to hormonal changes which increase appetite, especially if you frequently eat at night. This is a bad habit that causes overweight.
In short, overweight is a condition when you have more body fat than you should. This can be indicated by Body Mass Index calculation. What is considered overweight? Overweight is also considered pre-obese with BMI of 25.0 to 30.0.

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