What Can You Do To Relieve Lower Back Pain When Walking?
What Can You Do To Relieve Lower Back Pain When Walking?

What Can You Do To Relieve Lower Back Pain When Walking?

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The low back pain is the most common thing experienced by most people whether it is short-term, severe, long-term and so on. Well, this must affect your activity, even for a small walk causes trouble when you suffering this condition. Indeed, it is not easy to manage the lower back pain especially when walking but you always can try to minimize it.

What Are The Causes of Lower Backpain?

According to WebMD, the cause of this condition varies, from nerves and injury. Certain activity such as running and lifting heavy loads can cause lower back pain. In short, you can spotlight the causes by reading the list below:

  • You overuse the ligaments and muscles, such as tennis
  • You have disk injury that damage the spinal bones
  • Mostly low back pain happens to start from the 30s or in some cases, it can be earlier
  • You are experiencing spinal stenosis that narrows the space of spinal cord resulting pressure on your nerve roots
  • You have scoliosis

What Are The Symptoms Of Low Back Pain?

However, the low back pain symptoms vary from person to person that depends on the causes. You might have sharp pain or this also can come and go. Sometimes you will get it back when you do certain activities such as walking, bending, standing and sitting. This also can extend to the legs and buttock.

What Can You Do To Relieve Lower Back Pain When Walking?

1. Try To Listen To The Body

As you experience the low back pain when doing exercise or certain activities, try to stop it. You need to discuss your symptoms with the professionals to find better treatments.

2. Don’t Rest Too Much

Having low back pain requires you to rest a lot, but remember not to do it too much. This will weaken your muscles strength and its ability to support your back. You can rest as much as you can but keep it moving with a light move to practice.

3. Always Stand and Sit Safely

It is important to do many activities in a good position. Try to remember what kind of activities you do the most and fix your posture. Try to sit and stand with the back aligned. You can do it easily by imagining a line from the ears aligned with the hips.

To avoid your back pain getting worse, you can remember the following things:

Make sure you avoid too much sitting and driving and try to sit on the firm material or avoid soft or low couches.

  • You should work on the surface that comfortable for your height.
  • Only use a chair with good support.
  • Avoid bending using the waist

Besides, lifting and moving loads should be done carefully. Keep in mind to arch your back and keep your curve safe. Also, you don’t need to lift the loads directly. Plan it and take time before moving. You also need to check the load before doing it and figure out whether your body can lift it or not, or you can use a troller or other carrier to help you bring the heavy stuff which is safer.

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