The Usual Causes for Lower Back Pain in Females
The Usual Causes for Lower Back Pain in Females

The Usual Causes for Lower Back Pain in Females

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There are times when a woman feels pain in the lower part of their back. The pain can come so suddenly or even persist for a while. It can come in the form of dull ache. Back ache can also be really painful. This article will be discussing the common causes for lower back pain in females. Having this knowledge will help you avoiding discomfort caused by back pain.

What are the Usual Causes for Lower Back Pain in Females?

Back ache in the lower area is actually a common condition in women. Sometimes it can get so painful that the pain hinders daily activities. Back pain can be a short term impact of rigorous body activities that involve back muscles. Unfortunately, it can also be a sign of chronic health problems. Here are some reasons for lower back pain experienced by women.

1. Rigorous Physical Activities

One of the top causes for lower back pain in females is rigorous physical activities. It includes cardio exercises and heavy lifting. Sometimes, when doing these physical activities, woman may strain her lower back muscles. The strain causes pain. Careful stretching is a great way to prevent it.

2. Sitting or Standing Too Long

At times, your job will demand you to remain in similar position for a long time. Office job usually requires worker to stay seated for hours. Meanwhile, field job may require the woman to stand for hours. Rigid body positions such as these services.

3. Childbirth

There are also quite common causes for lower back pain in females. It can happen because the women give out charming birth process. It is really important to keep the baby birthing process as comfortable as possible. Usually childbirth causes pain in the tailbone area.

4. Osteoporosis

Deficit of calcium in women causes a condition named osteoporosis. This issue commonly happens to her mother in law. If a woman experiences osteoporosis, she is more prone to experiencing ache in lower back area. It needs to receive medical attention as soon as possible because osteoporosis threatens bone integrity.

5. Spondylolisthesis

It is among the prevalent causes for lower back pain in females. It happens when lumbar part of spine slips to the front part of the underneath vertebra. Osteoporosis and hormones may cause spondylolisthesis in woman. It is more common for woman to experience it than a man.

6. Fibromyalgia

Fibromyalgia usually happens to women who are over 40 years old. Most of the patients who experience it are women. The reason for that is unknown but it seems like estrogen and other womanly hormones are affecting the likelihood of this bone issues. It can cause back pain that feels sharp and really painful.

Knowing the causes for lower back pain in females really help one understanding how to keep health better. Women are prone to bone related illnesses so putting in extra effort to prevent them from happening. Healthy diet and regular exercises are important. In addition to that, you should learn to keep better body posture. Being aware of things that cause strain in back muscles is also pivotal.

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