The Reasons Why Obesity in Pregnancy is Totally Life-Threatening
The Reasons Why Obesity in Pregnancy is Totally Life-Threatening

The Reasons Why Obesity in Pregnancy is Totally Life-Threatening

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Obesity in pregnancy is considered to be a serious problem. Being pregnant means you are caring for two lives: you as the mother and the baby. If the mother is obese, which means her weights is too much and BMI (body mass index) is over 30, her health as well as the health of baby she’s carrying can be in deep problems. Obesity is dangerous for anyone, let alone for a pregnant woman. Why obesity is such a major health problem for a pregnant woman? Here are the reasons for you.

The Hazardous Problems Caused by Obesity in Pregnancy

Obesity can trigger many health problems, including strokes, diabetes, heart attack, and many more. These health problems are just life-threatening for anyone, especially for pregnant women. They tend to be prone to health problem. That’s why if they are obese, there is a big chance that they may be in bad health condition, and it may bring big impact on the baby. Here are the most hazardous problems caused by obesity in pregnancy.

1. Vaginal Delivery Maybe Difficult

Being obese during pregnancy shrinks the chance of having vaginal delivery. Vaginal delivery is very complicated to perform if someone is overweight. The obese pregnant woman may find it very hard to push the baby out. The delivery then has to be done via C-section, which has lots of risks as well to be performed on obese person. Wound infections and severe bleeding may be some of the risks that the woman has to face during C-section process.

2. Possible Pregnancy Complication

There are so many things that can go wrong in a “normal” pregnancy, let alone pregnancy in obese women. Obesity in pregnancy can cause so many complications, one of them is preeclampsia. Well, it can easily claim both the lives of mother and baby. This pregnancy complication has several signs, including kidney damage and high blood pressure, which is very common to happen in an obese person.

3. The Baby is Overweight

When the mother is obese, there is a massive possibility that the baby will be obese as well. Carrying a big baby, with way more body fat than it should be, really causes major problems. The baby can suffer from metabolic disorder, for example. When the baby is too big, the delivery process cannot be done vaginally.

4. Makes It Hard to do Ultrasound

Obesity in pregnancy prevents the OBGYN to perform ultrasound. Sometimes, ultrasound cannot be performed at all in an obese pregnant woman. The fat layers are just too much and the ultrasound tool cannot get through it. As the result, the baby cannot be easily checked and the birth defects cannot be detected earlier.

Knowing that obesity is extremely dangerous for pregnant women, you can start preventing the situation from now on. Even before being pregnant, keeping the body healthy and maintain the weight to normal BMI are always needed. Make sure you remain healthy for the sake of your own health and the baby in womb. They do not deserve to be unhealthy because you suffer from obesity in pregnancy.

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