The Forms of Food Allergies Most Common to Happen
The Forms of Food Allergies Most Common to Happen

The Forms of Food Allergies Most Common to Happen

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Food allergies most common to happen are quite plenty. Food is indeed a source of everything, starting from energy to allergies. Mostly, food allergies are caused by different types of protein inside the food. The immune system in body mistakes the particular protein as threat, causing the symptoms of allergies to emerge. The most common forms of food allergies are including swelling on face, hands, and feet. Severe itching often comes after the allergies as well.

Four Foods to Trigger Food Allergies Most Common to Happen

For your information, there are numerous types of foods that can trigger allergies. Basically, almost every type of food has potential to cause allergies. It heavily depends on the strength of someone’s immune system. However, these four types of food below are considered to be very common to cause allergies. They are the forms of food allergies most common to happen. At least 1 out of 10 people have allergies caused by these foods.

1. Cow Milk

Cow milk allergies happen to many people, especially baby and children. The cause of cow milk allergy is that the body cannot break down the protein contained in the milk. As a result, the immune system reacts abruptly, causing allergy reactions to appear. If someone has cow milk allergy, all dairy products must be avoided, including cream, yogurt, cheese, and butter.

2. Eggs

Eggs are considered to be one of the healthiest foods on earth. However, it can cause severe allergy as well, especially to those who do not have strong immune system. Allergy to eggs is caused by the protein contained in egg whites. For those who are allergic to eggs, they have to avoid every food with eggs in it, which can be very difficult to do.

3. Peanuts

Food allergies most common happen to people are including peanut allergy. Peanuts are known to contain different kinds of protein inside of it, which easily trigger allergy. In the USA, it is believed that 1 out of 100 people is allergic to peanut. To prevent the allergic reaction, peanuts and peanut-containing products must not be consumed at all.

4. Shellfish

The last food allergies most common to happen can be related to shellfish. Many types of shellfish, like prawns, squids, crabs, lobsters, scallops, and many more have protein called tropomyosin inside of them. Sometimes, the body cannot endure this tropomyosin and trigger the severe allergy. To make sure that the allergy reactions do not emerge, avoiding all kinds of shellfish to eat is extremely essential.

Well, besides all those foods mentioned above, of course there are still numerous types of ingredients that can cause allergies. All you need to do is basically be cautious of what you eat. If you eat something and suddenly the symptoms of allergies hit you, you may want to go to the doctor and have some tests run. Just remember that it is very essential to make sure whether you have one of the food allergies most common to happen or not.

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