The Facts about Green Tea Benefit for Hair
The Facts about Green Tea Benefit for Hair

The Facts about Green Tea Benefit for Hair

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It is clear to anyone that green tea is good for health. This tea contains high antioxidants and many other properties to maintain health. However, not many people know green tea is also good for beauty, particularly hair. In fact, green tea benefit for hair has been confirmed as it is a good source of vitamin C, vitamin E, and polyphenols. Those nutrients are essential components in the making of hair products. So, what can green tea do to your hair?

The Top Green Tea Benefit for Hair

Having healthy and beautiful hair is a blessing that many women want to do anything to get it. There are various hair treatments are available out there, offering lustrous and healthy hair. But, why would you spend much money while you can get it at home? Green tea benefit for hair is there to improve your hair and realize your dream hair condition. What are the benefits of green tea for hair?

1. Prevent hair loss

Millions of women around the globe experience hair loss problem and many of them have tried several treatments to get rid of it. While some of them are succeeded, some others need to try more. Good news, research showed that drinking green tea regularly is effective to prevent hair loss. Thanks to epigallocatechin gallate of EGCG properties to prevent hair loss. Further research showed that ECGC has inhibited Tumor necrosis factor, a molecule which is responsible for hair loss. This molecule is also responsible in causing cancer and arthritis.

In addition to EGCG, polyphenolic substance of green tea also acts as an agent to prevent hair loss. Polyphenolic substance contains anti-inflammatory agent as well as stress inhibitory, two most common factors causing hair loss in women. As stress triggers more hair loss, inhibiting the stress is effective to reduce hair loss significantly.

Routine green tea consumption, especially green tea drink, provides sufficient amount of ECGC and polyphonic substance that help prevent hair loss as well as prevent the cancer to grow in your body. A cup of green tea every day is considered enough to get this green tea benefit for hair.

2. Stimulate hair growth

Not only does green tea prevent hair loss, can it stimulate hair growth. Study showed that green tea contains special properties to inhibit Dihydrotestosterone (DHT) that hinders hair growth and causes hair fall. When consuming green tea, the properties comes inside your body and reacts with testosterone and influences its level. When your testosterone is in balance amount, it does not create a reaction with 5-alpha reductase. As results, your hair growth will be stimulated. This green tea benefit for hair is more effective with regular intake.

In addition to stimulating hair growth, green tea is also effective to treat hair scalp and prevent dandruff. It reduces inflammation and cures psoriasis, a flaky scalp condition. Last but not least, regular consumption of green tea is not only advantageous for health but also beauty. Get your healthy and lustrous hair as green tea benefit for hair.

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