The Dangerous Obesity Effects on Health
The Dangerous Obesity Effects on Health

The Dangerous Obesity Effects on Health

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As we know, the obesity effects on health are absolutely dangerous. Obesity is considered as a severe health problem when someone weighs way beyond he should be, and the BMI or body mass index reaches the number of 30, even higher. Being obese is never healthy. There are many health risks that may worsen the situation and eventually claim the life. What can go wrong with obesity, particularly on health? The explanation is down below.

The Examples of Dangerous Obesity Effects on Health

In fact, being overweight is never health, let alone being obese. Being obese means you will have a massive, heavy physique that may not allow you to move, let alone walk and move. Besides, obesity is often linked to numerous gruesome diseases. Here are some of examples of health problems that can easily attack when someone is obese as well as the dangerous obesity effects on health.

1. Stroke

You should know that obesity leads the blood pressure to be high most of the time. In addition, people with obesity will have high cholesterol as well. These conditions easily trigger stroke. Stroke and heart problems can develop so quickly in an obese person. The only effort to avoid stroke is by reducing the weight and eating free-cholesterol diet. Considering lots of people died because of stroke, you must be aware of this particular health risk, which is one of the worst obesity effects on health.

2. Diabetes

Diabetes, especially the type 2, is very easy to develop in someone obese. In the most cases of people with obesity, they tend to consume huge amount of sugar every day. It adds more weights to them as the body cannot cope with excess sugar. Sadly enough, the excess sugar in body cannot be processed into energy, mostly because the body does not move too often. As the result, type 2 diabetes will soon be suffered by people with obesity. It is also often considered as one of the most hazardous obesity effects on health.

3. Sleep Apnea

Sleep apnea is health condition when someone’s breathing is often interrupted during sleeping. This case happens often to people who are overweight and obese, of course. Sleep apnea will trigger someone to stop breathing frequently during the sleep. This situation is very dangerous and cause death in some cases. People who suffer from sleep apnea are going to snore heavily as well during the sleep and most likely to suffer from fatigue and dizziness in the morning, caused by the frequent waking up and lack of sleeping.

Well, those four diseases above are just a tiny part of the disease list that can get caused by obesity. There are still health problems like vertigo, heart attack, and many more to claim the life of someone with obesity. Knowing the danger, it is best for everyone to keep the body healthy and remain on normal weight. Keep eating and living healthy, and do frequent exercise to keep the obesity effects on health at bay.

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