Sun Damaged Skin Symptoms and Treatments
Sun Damaged Skin Symptoms and Treatments

Sun Damaged Skin Symptoms and Treatments

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Those who love staying under the sun must be aware of the danger of damaged skin. Sun damaged skin does exist and it potentially attacks anyone who is not careful enough when spending time under the sun. In fact, too much sun exposure may trigger several health problems, ranging from minor sunburn to skin cancer. Before it is too late, you would better learn the potential damage caused by high exposure of UV.

Types of Sun Damaged Skin and Treatment

When you forget to apply sun protector and stay under the sun for too long, chances are that you will end up having several skin problems. The so called sun damaged skin commonly comes in various types such as:

1. Dry skin

This is the most minor damage caused by sun exposure on your skin. In this condition, your skin loses moisture and essential oil gradually. It makes your skin looks dry and flaky. If not well-treated, it may cause premature wrinkle, even to young people. The symptoms of dry skin are itching, flaky and dry surface, and eventually wrinkled.

To treat this condition, use moisturizer which contains glycerin, sorbitol, lactic acid, or lactate salts. Avoid using acid on your damaged skin because it will worsen the condition. Furthermore, you also need to avoid hot shower as it causes your sun damaged skin drier. Wash using cool water with glycerin soap for healing process.

2. Sunburn

After your skin receives sun exposure in high intensity, sunburn will appear. Minor sunburn causes redness on your skin and more severe condition will produce tiny bumps or blister on your skin. You will easily notice clear boundary between protected and unprotected skin. In severe condition, you may also feel dizziness and nausea.

For treatment, cool compress the affected area using wet cloth. Or, mist the area with cool water spray. If the discomfort continues, you may take medication such as aspirin or ibuprofen. Make sure you do not have other health problem with contraindication. This sun damaged skin can also be treated with anti-inflammatory drugs.

3. Actinic keratosis

This is more severe condition of damaged skin caused by sun exposure. In this condition, tiny bumps will start to appear on your facial skin. They feel like sandpaper but with pink or red color. Unlike bumps on sunburn, these bumps will stay there unless you treat it chemically or with medication. If not well treated, it will increase the risk of skin cancer.

There is wide range of actinic keratosis treatment. You may choose the medication depends on the condition including the location and size. The treatment includes topical fluorouracil, topical diclofenac sodium, topical imiquimod, cryotherapy, shave excision, even laser resurfacing.

Those are several conditions of sun damaged skin that you should know. To avoid damaged skin caused by sun exposure, make sure to apply sun protector before doing any outdoor activity. Besides, do not stay too long under the sun because it will increase the risk of skin damage even though you have applied sun screen or sun protector.

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