Stop Smoking in Pregnancy and Potential Risks Caused By the Cigarette
Stop Smoking in Pregnancy and Potential Risks Caused By the Cigarette

Stop Smoking in Pregnancy and Potential Risks Caused By the Cigarette

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It is important for women to stop smoking in pregnancy. This is necessary, and it is not just for the sake of baby. In fact, risks coming from cigarette can bring harm for both mother and the baby. This is not a simple problem. Some cases are serious that can lead to death. That awareness is necessary. Even, people may only stop smoking when they realize the risks that may come from their habit.

Some Potential Risks If You Do Not Stop Smoking in Pregnancy

Stop smoking is very hard. The cigarettes have such addictive substances that will make smokers unable to stop easily. Even, some people have severe dependencies in smoking. It is just like narcotics. Of course, this is not good as it can be very dangerous for pregnant women. That’s why you need to stop smoking in pregnancy if you want to get healthy baby. In this case, there are some possible risks to consider. These can be good way to make you aware, so you will be able to stop smoking.

1. Miscarriage

This is the first risk to happen. Many cases of miscarriage are caused by habit of smoking. In fact, the dangerous chemical substances carried by the cigarette cause this. The substances are like toxins that can harm the baby.

2. Ectopic pregnancy

This case is also dangerous. The problem happens when mother does not stop smoking in pregnancy. Moreover, it appears because the nicotine triggers fallopian tubes to have contractions. This will prevent the embryo, so the fertilized egg will have higher possibility to implant outside the uterus. It can bring dangerous case if the embryo is not taken since it can threaten the life of mother.

3. Low birth weight

The other problem is low birth weight. This may not harm the mother, but it is not good for the life of baby once it is born. It is not just about smaller size of baby, but it can also lead to some serious health problems, including cerebral palsy. Even, some babies cannot live longer because of this matter.

4. Defects

Some chemical substances in cigarette can bring bad impacts on the growth of embryo. The baby can be lack of nutrients and even they may grow with some toxic substances. It makes some cases of birth defects. The heart gets most of defect since the nicotine and other substances make the baby lack of oxygen.

5. Abruption of placenta

Other risk caused by mothers who do not stop smoking in pregnancy is the placental abruption. It happens because the chemical substances in cigarette affect the structure and growth of placenta. For your information, it is not just common problem since it leads to severe bleeding. It will threaten both lives of baby and mother.

Those are some potential risks caused by smoking habit. By knowing this fact, as a woman, you should be more careful with your habit. It is better to stop smoking for the sake of baby and also for yourself. Of course, there are still other problems if you cannot stop smoking in pregnancy.

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