Skin Care Routine Order – How To Do It Properly
Skin Care Routine Order – How To Do It Properly

Skin Care Routine Order – How To Do It Properly

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You might have the best skincare in the world, but when you apply it in the wrong order, you will lose the benefits. This includes certain problems like dehydrated, broken out even skin irritation.

Today, we want to underline quick fix about how to correctly put skin care routine order.

In fact, the a.m and p.m routines consisted of different agent and purposes. While in the midday you use the one for protecting your skin and the night routines are for generating new skin cell.

1. Cleanser (A.M and P.M)

This is important to remove all the makeup and debris on your face before applying skin care products. Avoid any kind of makeup wipes because this damages the skin with the gunky residue and cause irritation. Opt for the cleansing oil as this is easy to reduce the makeup even with the waterproof feature. For acne-prone skin, the creamy cleanser is acceptable.

2. Toners (A.M and/or P.M)

As much as you can, avoid any alcohol-based liquids. Most importantly for the skin with acne. Opt for toners with BHA (Beta Hydroxy Acid such as salicylic acid which is good for oily skin) and also AHA (Alpha Hydroxy Acid such s glycolic acid and lactic acid which is good for dry skin). These agents work best for unclogging poser and prevent breakouts.

Once you cleanse your face, tap the toner on the face and then wait for 5 minutes before applying any products.

3. Serum (A.M and/or P.M)

Applying serum in the night and morning are acceptable. Serum basically consists of agents such as antioxidants, hydrators, and nutrients that your skin will absorb it quickly. The benefit is outstanding by protecting your skin from inflammation until the free radicals. This also can brighten your dark spots due to acne scars.

For the a.m, pick the serum that consists of vitamin C, and opt for the hyaluronic acid for the night use.

4. Eye Cream (A.M and P.M)

For the morning use, opt for an eye cream with a rollerball and has caffeine formula to tighten the eyes.

For the night use, the retinol agent is the best to be applied on your dark circle area but tap it gently using your finger.

5. Treatments For Dark Spots

Mostly we are worried about the scars and dark spots and generally, we will apply it during the night because we think he skin is working hard to recover. But keep in mind, if you already used the acne-fighting toner, try to apply the spot treatment in the morning to avoid irritation. Tap it gently before applying moisturizer.

Certain products that consist of salicylic acid and benzoyl peroxide are the best to cure acne-causing bacteria.

6. Moisturizer

The benefits of moisturizer are to infuse your skin. Keep in mind to apply it around the treated area so you won’t wipe it away.

For morning application, pick the hyaluronic-based product to stay hydrated and less greasy. In the night, pick the one with hyaluronic acid, proteins, and lipids.

Well, besides pay attention to the application order, certain things like your skin condition determine the types of products. So, just be careful to avoid worse skin problem.


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