Signs Of Hair Loss and What You Need To Do
Signs Of Hair Loss and What You Need To Do

Signs Of Hair Loss and What You Need To Do

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Baldness sounds to be the most terrifying for men. Well, this is the most unfortunate thing that being bald is certain and this is also a sign of health condition. Mostly, baldness is caused by medical conditions, hormonal changes and also heredity. Let’s learn more about it.

What Are The Signs Of Hair Loss?

The signs of hair loss vary and it appears in many ways which depend on the causes. Sometimes it comes so sudden, gradually or temporary. The signs of hair loss are as follow:

1. The Hair Starts Falling Out

Some people might not notice and ignore the gradual hair fall. If you find excessive shedding, more than 100 strands, then you should worry about it. For men, the hair loss can begin from the forehead resembling the letter M. Meanwhile, the women mostly have a broader hairline.

2. You Get Itchy Head Continuously

Some people might experience itchy scalp which is related to the dermatological conditions, for example, dermatitis or psoriasis. In this case, try to avoid rubbing and scratching your head as much as you can so you will not damage the hair follicles.

3. The Hairline Is Receding

For men and women, receding hairline is also a sign of balding. As you brush your hair, you notice that the hair around the hairline is getting thinner. Most importantly, you notice the thinning hair in the area of temples.

4. You Find The Patchy Bald Spots

In fact, baldness can occur everywhere which this can be on the bears or eyebrows. You will notice coin-sized and smooth bald spots. In certain types of baldness, you notice that this affects the scalp area. You might also experience itchiness and pain before you finally notice you are going to go bald.

5. Sudden Loss

The hair loss is not only when you are suffering certain diseases, but also when you get the sudden shock emotionally or physically. Usually, you notice this when combing or grabbing some hair. In the end, you realize that the overall hair on the head is thinning even though it is not patched.

6. Full Body Hair Loss

The baldness sign is not only on the hair but also the full-body hair loss when you are going through medical treatments for certain diseases. For example cancer and diabetes. However, after the procedures have been finished, your hair will grow back.

When To See Doctor?

Baldness is not only about the look, but also it is a sign of your body reaction toward the diseases. Notice also the hair loss on your kids this also can possibly happen.

As prevention, you can do certain prevention as follows:

  • Avoid hairstyling from making buns, ponytails, braids and hair coloring.
  • Pulling, twisting and rubbing can worsen the hair fall.
  • As you brush and wash your hair, treat it gently and comb the hair when it is completely dry because when your hair is still wet, it is more prone to hair fall.
  • As much as you can, avoid any kind of medications that cause hair fall.
  • Protect the hair from the sunlight and pollution because this can worsen the symptoms.

By knowing the sign of hair loss above, now you can detect the symptoms earlier and do the prevention.

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