Possible Hair Loss Causes in Female
Possible Hair Loss Causes in Female

Possible Hair Loss Causes in Female

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Beautiful hair is women’s pride. What if your beautiful hair starts thinning? Surely this is the last thing you want to happen in your life. However, hair loss is inevitable as there are several hair loss causes in female, ranging from genetics to medical issue. Study showed that most women started to experience hair loss problem in 50s or 60s. However, some women notice in earlier age of 20s or 30s.

Various Hair Loss Causes in Female You Should Know

Generally, hair loss is a normal condition as it is the system of your hair follicles to change the old and brittle hair to the new ones. It becomes an issue when you find hundreds of hairs are falling every day, causing thin hair or at worst, baldness. In case you concern your hair that keeps losing, you need to understand hair loss causes in female and determine whether or not the hair loss is normal.

1. Genetics

Women whose parents or relatives have hair loss problem are more likely to experience the same issue. Genetics greatly affects hair loss as it relates to hormone. The hormone causes shrinking follicles that will lead to hair loss. When it triggers severe hair loss, this condition is known as androgenetic alopecia. This happens both in men and women. About 30 million of American women suffer from this condition and it becomes the most common hair loss causes in female.

When does it start? Women with androgenetic alopecia may notice their condition during 40s or 50s. Yet, some cases show earlier age that their hair loss issue start in 30s or even teenage. Normally, hair follicles will be replaced by hair in equal size. However, women with this condition produce thinner and finer hair that causes the hair to keep losing and eventually stop growing.

2. Medical issue

There are some medical conditions that become hair loss causes in female. Pregnancy, anemia, autoimmune disease, PCOS, thyroid disorders and many other medical issues are able to trigger hair loss. Some conditions such as physical and emotional stress are involved to the causes of hair loss in women. However, this is commonly temporary hair loss that will turn to normal after the issue is well treated.

3. Hairstyles

Women love to do their hair. In fact, inappropriate hairdo potentially causes temporary hair loss. Some hairstyles such as cornrows or braids will pull the scalp and give tension to your hair. This may cause hair loss as well. Besides, chemical treatments such as dyes also affect the health of your hair. Not to mention bad brushes, flat iron, and blow dryer that worsens the condition.

There are various triggering factors when it comes to hair loss causes in female. After knowing the causes, you should be able to choose which kind of treatment is good and which one will harm your hair. Dying hair with fancy color is fun but your hair does not feel the same. Make sure to give extra treatment to avoid hair loss in early age, especially if you have the genetic factor.

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