Possible Dental Issues in Cats
Possible Dental Issues in Cats

Possible Dental Issues in Cats

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Caring for a cat is actually not as easy as you have thought. The pet needs to have balanced nutrition so owner must be mindful of its daily food intake. Cat can also experience health issues like human. The kinds of issues that are often overlooked by pet owner are dental issues in cats. Through this article you will learn some common problems related to dental health that can happen to your beloved cat.

What are Possible Dental Issues in Cats?

Here are some possible dental health problems that can happen to a cat. These issues have high domestic prevalence.

1. Gingivitis in Cat

Gingivitis or gum infection does not only affect human. It is one of the most common dental issues in cats overall health. It may be the result of plaque that is built up over the time. This condition is shown by inflammation in gum area. The infected spot becomes swollen and red. The cat will feel pain. It can affect food intake since conducting eating activity is hurt. It can also be caused by certain viruses and bacteria.

Brushing cat’s tooth regularly is a way to prevent this condition from happening. Owner should also regularly check on cat’s dental health during doctor visits. However, if it already happens, antibiotics will be prescribed in the form of oral rinse or pill. Teeth removal can also be taken if the case is severe.

2. Cat Periodontitis

Periodontitis in cat may happen if gingivitis is not treated as soon as it is detected. In this case, tissues that keep cat’s tooth in place will lose its strength because of bacteria attack. If that happens, there will be tooth loss. In cat, periodontitis is highly likely to be caused by gum inflammation that is not treated quickly enough.

In order to avoid these dental issues in cats, preventative measure needs to be taken. Owner must notice cat’s decline in appetite, drooling, and even slight bad breath. Once owner has suspected that there is something wrong with their cat, X-ray examination might be required to point out which area that is affected. Teeth extraction is usually suggested to deal with this.

3. Breaking Down of Teeth Structure

Breaking down of teeth structure is also called resorption. It is among common dental issues in cats. The process begins from inner side of cat’s tooth then spreading out to other parts within cat’s mouth. Unfortunately, sometimes, owner is too late realizing this condition and this resorption has already spread out. The first visible sign that resorption occurs is pink defects that can be seen around the area where gum and tooth meet. In that stage, the condition is already very severe.
There are some things that owner can do to avoid it. Observing cat’s behavior such as unwillingness to consume foods, head turning during meal, and irritable behavior might be a sign of this dental problem. If you notice this issue, the best bet is bringing cat to a vet. Some probing and even X-ray portrays might be done to diagnose the infected areas. Tooth removal is usually the most usual option to deal with this situation. Hopefully, though, your cat is safe from these dental issues in cats.

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