Overweight and Pregnant: How to Live a Healthy Life during Pregnancy
Overweight and Pregnant: How to Live a Healthy Life during Pregnancy

Overweight and Pregnant: How to Live a Healthy Life during Pregnancy

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Pregnancy is a miracle and nobody disagree with it. Having a tiny creature growing inside your belly is a wonderful moment, yet it cannot be denied that some problems may turn up during this stage. Some women experience health problems such as gestational diabetes, high blood pressure, and overweight. When it comes to overweight and pregnant, this is actually common among American mothers-to-be, since statistic shows no less than 53 percent of them experience pregnancy overweight.

Tips for Overweight and Pregnant Every Woman Should Know

Even though overweight during pregnancy is quite common, it does not mean this condition can be underestimated. Without proper treatment, it may cause further health problem especially when it is near to labor time. The key point is how to maintain your health during overweight pregnancy. Followings are some tips every woman should know related to overweight and pregnant.

1. Prepare yourself

Pregnancy is not a sudden thing that comes up to your life. Few months before and after getting married, you should prepare yourself for the pregnancy. If you are a woman with obesity or overweight, it is recommended to consult the doctor if your condition is stable for pregnancy. In addition to preparing yourself for pregnancy, you might need to do regular workout to shed some fat. This can also be done during early pregnancy with some adjustment for kinds of workout you should take.

2. Keep moving

In case you are already pregnant, keep moving is an effective way to deal with overweight. Some women may experience nausea or morning sickness during early pregnancy. Light body movement is able to reduce the potential of nausea and vomiting. This can also be considered as workout if you do regularly. You may take a walk or do daily stretches to increase your activity. This is important to avoid unexpected health problems due to overweight and pregnant.

3. Beware of gestational diabetes

Pregnant women with normal body weight may experience gestational diabetes. According to this fact, women with overweight pregnancy must be aware of this potential. You are strongly recommended to visit obstetrician and consult if you need extra treatment to avoid gestational diabetes. Overweight women may be screened earlier to find out the blood sugar level.

4. Enjoy your pregnancy

One of most common problem for women with overweight pregnancy is body shaming. This could be disturbing, especially when you have to meet many people. Thing to note, being overweight has nothing to do with your pregnancy. Those are two different things that you should carry on. Being confident of your body is the key for peaceful mind and heart. More or less, this helps you strive through overweight and pregnant.

Overweight during pregnancy is quite common in America and other countries. However, it is not a permission to leave your condition as it is. Since you have more risk of health problems, you need to follow those tips for overweight and pregnant to maintain your health. The tips are also able to improve the health of your baby.

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