Obesity Risk Factors that You Should Notice
Obesity Risk Factors that You Should Notice

Obesity Risk Factors that You Should Notice

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There are many obesity risk factors that you should know. For your information, in the United States, it is an epidemic. Therefore, people who have cancer, type 2 diabetes, and heart disease can have a higher risk when they have obesity. How do people know that you are obese? It can be known simply from its BMI or body mass index. People who have 30 or more of DMI is categorized as obese. If you think you have obesity, it is best to estimate the BMI to know how much you have to decrease it.

Foods to Avoid for Staying Away from Obesity Risk Factors

There are factors that influnce relationship between body fat and BMI including muscle mass, age, ethnicity, and sex. Before knowing further the risk factors, let’s get to understand specific causes that are common. Those are including pregnancy, eating foods containing high calories and fats, having a bad lifestyle, lack of sleep, getting older, and also genetics. It needs to be highlighted that genetics do influence obesity. It affects how your body stores fat and process the food that come into the body.

In addition to those common causes, there are also particular health problems that can be added into obesity risk factors. These health problems can lead to gain some weight when the patient cannot control how much food to eat. The medical conditions are PCOS or polycystic ovary syndrome, Cushing syndrome, osteoarthritis, underactive thyroid or hypothyroidism, and Prader-Willi syndrome. As suggestion, people that have a high chance to get obese need to avoid several foods. Here are common foods to avoid.

1. Sugary drinks

To avoid getting obesity risk factors, it is suggested to avoid sugar-sweetened beverages. Beverages are unhealthiest thing to consume since it has a lot of calories. Sadly, it won’t make your tummy full. It is highly recommended to get rid these sugar-sweetened beverages from your list.

2. Fruit juices

Most of fruit juices are loaded with a lot of sugar. In addition, it is highly processed and it may contain less fruit in it. As known, some people do not include all the flesh of fruit. Again, it is processed and will have no fiber. Instead of consuming fruit juices, just eat whole fruit without processing it into another form.

3. Potato chips and french fries

Eating whole potato is good to eat since it is filling and healthy. Once it is processed into potato chips and French fries, it is not suggested to be consumed to stay away from obesity risk factors. These good snacks are always linked into to gain some weight.

Those mentioned above are top three common foods that should be avoided. There are still other foods not to eat, but sugary drinks, fruit juices, potato chips and french fries are several common to be consumed. In order avoiding obesity risk factors, the first prevention can be started from what you eat in daily life. That’s all what can be shared. It is best to look for more foods or actions to do to stay away from having obesity.

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