Obesity and Diabetes: the Facts and Related Important Points
Obesity and Diabetes: the Facts and Related Important Points

Obesity and Diabetes: the Facts and Related Important Points

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Obesity becomes one of big problems nowadays. It can leads to some serious diseases. It is true that obesity has strong connections to many health problems. Among those health issues, correlation between obesity and diabetes become the most popular issue. There have been many cases of diabetes and most of them are people with obesity. That’s why people must be careful with their own weight since it can bring bigger possibility to get diabetes.

Knowing More about Obesity and Diabetes

When talking about obesity and diabetes, it will specifically focus on type 2 diabetes. Related to the type, there are two types of diabetes. The type 1 diabetes is less common to happen and it has less correlation with obesity. It is different from type 2 diabetes. This type is so common to happen. Even, it is up to 90% of the diabetes cases. The diabetes commonly begins with the resistance of insulin. It is such a cellular disorder where cells cannot use the insulin hormone. Because of the disorder, it triggers the pancreas to stop producing the hormone.

In this case, actually there is still less proofs to show the correlation between obesity and diabetes. It seems that there is no direct and clear impact of obesity in the development of diabetes. However, the condition makes things worse and it triggers the hormone resistance. Moreover, people with diabetes usually have less physical activities, so the body gets worse metabolism.

The other correlation can also be seen from treatment fact. In the treatment of type 2 diabetes, people who do diets for losing weight have better results in controlling and even curing the diabetes. It is also supported by the decrease of fat in the body. People with obesity have excessive amount of fats and it makes the diabetes more severe. These are how people associate obesity with diabetes.
After knowing the facts and correlations between obesity and diabetes, it is also better to know some treatments. Of course, medication is needed, especially when the diabetes has led to worse health issues. However, there are also some simple and easy treatments to do.

1. Diet

Diet is the first point of the treatment. People with diabetes should be more careful in managing what they eat. So far, amount of carbohydrate must be controlled. It is because the carbohydrate will become sources of blood sugar. By reducing it, body will have easier work in dealing with the sugar. Some foods to avoid are sweet potatoes, rice, bread, pasta, and cereal. Then, increasing foods with fiber is recommended.

2. Physical activity

It does not mean you have to go to gym and work hard to build your muscle. In fact, the treatment is easy. You only need to spare 30 minutes up to 45 minutes every day to have moderate exercises. You may also use pedometers to count your steps. At least, you need to make 8,000 steps in a day.
Those are some important points about diabetes and obesity. Both of them are correlated, and doing the treatments above is great to solve the problems. It is like killing two birds with a stone. Of course, you need consistency and it is always better to make prevention before the obesity and diabetes get worse.

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