Lower Back Pain From Squats – How To Prevent And Fix It
Lower Back Pain From Squats – How To Prevent And Fix It

Lower Back Pain From Squats – How To Prevent And Fix It

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The squat move is one of the most loved and hated at the same time. We love it because this strengthens the leg muscles and of course (for women) it improves the butt look. However, there is a price to pay which you often suffer from the lower back pain from squats. Let’s find out how to prevent it!

Why Do We Need Squat?

Just like we mentioned before, squats bring many benefits. Even athletes do this regularly. Even many types of research proved that squatting can give a lot of impacts which are:

  • Increasing the flexibility which improves the strength of your joints and muscles.
  • Give a better core strength which means when doing squats, major muscles of the body should work cooperatively.This is why the core will improve a lot when doing squat.
  • Protecting you from injuries and giving you well-coordinated body so you won’t be likely fewer injuries when jumping, performing and running.

What Are Injuries Caused By Squats?

As you do squat move properly, the chance to get injured will be low. However, we still have some worries with the spine due to its vulnerability. Your injuries such as lower back pain might worse when things as follow happen:

  • You have lower back pain from squats
  • You do it with poor technique
  • Limited range movements
  • Incorrect footwear
  • You load too quickly when do squatting

How To Prevent Lower Back Pain From Squats

1. You Need Variations

Keep in mind to practice several squat moves from the friendly-beginner move until the difficult ones. Having the shoulder and mid-back moved a lot can minimize the injuries.

2. Starting Position

Most pain due to squat is caused by the wrong position. The right position you have to underline is the feet facing forward and you should not let the feet turn out an angle because this will cause injury.

3. Spinal Alignment

The proper position for the spinal alignment is when you maintain the straight ahead. This will reduce the urge to lean forward.

4. How To Fix Lower Back Pain From Squats?

Sometimes, after we do several fixes on the squat move, we still experience lower back pain. If this happens to you, you have several questions to ask yourself:

  • Warm Up – Ask yourself whether you do enough warm up or not. Do the evaluation and start do warming up properly with the plank, stretching and simple movements.
  • Consult with your trainer – If you are not so sure with your exercise, probably you want to consult with the trainer so you can practice the most effective warm up.
  • Visit Physiotherapist – If the back pain stays longer, visit the physiotherapist so you can go through some assessment to know the source of your lower back pain.

After all, there are many causes of lower back pain from squat. Always make sure that you do the right move when exercising especially squat mover. After you do some evaluation with your squat move, try to rest and visit the professional for more checkup.

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