Lower Back Pain Cure to Try at Home
Lower Back Pain Cure to Try at Home

Lower Back Pain Cure to Try at Home

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Lower back pain cure is often sought by many people, particularly those who work in office from 9 to 5. Sitting for hours in front of computer or just facing a desk can cause massive problem on lower back, especially when it is done every single day. The lower back receives more pressure and eventually becomes very sore at the end of the day. If you have problems with lower back too, keep reading as you will find some solutions here.

The Best Home Remedies as Lower Back Pain Cure

There are many things you can do to heal your aching lower back. You do not have to go to the doctor. Home remedies are available as well to cure the lower back pain. In fact, some remedies created to heal the soreness on lower back are really effective in eliminating the pain. Here are the best home remedies as lower back pain cure that you can easily try.

1. Gentle Massage

One of the best ways to reduce the pain on lower back is by gently massaging the area. It will be hard (or impossible) to do it on your own, so you will need someone else does it for you. Gently massage the lower back helps the muscle in the area to loosen up. The tense muscle is soon going to be relaxed again and the pain will soon be gone.

2. Pain Rubs

There are many pain rubs that you can use to relive the pain, most of them are over-the-counter ointments. It can be bought easily on drugstores or stores. Lower back pain cure using pain rubs is quite effective to make the pain subsides. Make sure you choose pain rubs with useful ingredients, such as capsaicin and ibuprofen. Those two ingredients can surely get rid of the pain and soothe tensed your lower back.

3. Alkaline Diet

If your lower pack is severely in pain but you are hungry, you can eat foods with lots of alkaline in it. Alkaline is a substance that improves the supply soothing feeling to tensed muscle, including the lower back. The examples of food with alkaline are fruits, nuts, and vegetables, and legumes. They can really reduce the pain on lower back effectively.

3. Salt Bath

To give comfortable feeling while dealing with the pain, you can go straight to your bathroom and have salt bath. Salt bath is an effective lower back pain cure because salt is full of magnesium sulfate, which is useful to ease sore muscles. Remember to use warm water instead of hot water. Hot water swells the muscles instead of make it relaxes.

Now, you know there are numerous attempts that you can do at home in order to get rid of the pain on lower back. The pain is not life-threatening, though. However, it is still very uncomfortable to cope, especially when you do nothing about it at all. That’s why you need to pick the suitable lower back pain cure and try to get rid of the pain as soon as possible.

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