Learn More about Diabetes Symptoms in Teen
Learn More about Diabetes Symptoms in Teen

Learn More about Diabetes Symptoms in Teen

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Adult patients who suffer from diabetes are massive. As known, type 2 diabetes is the most common type that’s suffered by people. In addition, this health issue has been known as adults-only condition for decades. However, many cases have also been found in children. The cases are becoming more common in teen and it should make people more aware of it. Therefore, you should learn more about diabetes symptoms in teen. Let’s dig more the information below.

Get To Know Diabetes Symptoms in Teen

You may have questioned, “How do they have diabetes? They are still young though”. It may be hard to believe looking at how the disease is closely related to adults. The fact is like that and you need to deal with it. To help you get an overview, the disease may be caused by overweight or genetics. These two are the most common causes of type 2 diabetes in teen.

It is not a secret anymore that being overweight can lead to serious health problems and diabetes is one of them. Obese teen likely have insulin resistance. The body will struggle a lot to regulate insulin. Additionally, blood sugar level that is high may lead to other serious health problems. Again, teen that has parents with diabetes has a high risk to get the disease. Here are several diabetes symptoms in teen.

1. Increased hunger

The first of diabetes symptoms in teen is increased hunger. As mentioned earlier, teen may have insulin resistance that makes the insulin level is low. It leads to hunger feeling. Since teen needs energy, food is another best source of it. This symptom occurs more frequently than usual. Hyperphagia or polyphagia is another name of this condition.

2. Excessive thirst and frequent urination

Excessive thirst has a strong relation to high blood sugar levels. In addition, patients may face frequent urination as well. To make it clear, high blood sugar levels can lead to excessive thirst and also frequent urination. Teen who face this condition may likely suffer from diabetes. It is best to see a doctor first so your children can get diagnosed.

3. Skin gets darkened

Next on diabetes symptoms in teen, the patients may get skin darkened. It is caused by the insulin resistance that firstly occurs. The skin area that gets darkened is around the neck and armpits. The condition is known as acanthosis nigricans.

4. Sores are healed slowly

You may have heard about this. Diabetes patients may have sores that are healed slowly. It can even be very slow to resolve. It may be another sign of diabetes symptoms. As parent, you need to pay more attention about what they are facing.

Children who may get the disease are in age between 10 and 19 years. Looking at the causes that involve overweight and genetics, parents should be more aware of their children’s BMI and health. If your children shows any of diabetes symptoms in teen like mentioned above, it is best to meet a doctor.

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