Knowing the Causes and Treatments of Red Patches on Skin
Knowing the Causes and Treatments of Red Patches on Skin

Knowing the Causes and Treatments of Red Patches on Skin

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Red patches on skin can be related to several skin issues. There are skin issues that bring up skin redness. It can be caused by allergic reaction to the simplest thing like sunburn. Many things can be the cause of your skin getting red and even irritated. When it gets worse and it gives uncomfortable feeling and also irritating, it is best to see a doctor to be diagnosed. Some skin redness may come up with other symptoms that can be taken into account. Let’s figure out several common skin issues together with its causes and treatments.

The Common Red Patches on Skin to Know

As mentioned before, skin redness may come from simple skin issue, but it can also come from serious ones. Therefore, you are suggested to know several common red patches on skin that may be happening on your skin right now. Here are six skin issues to be aware of.

1. First-degree burn

It is the mildest skin injury that is also known as superficial burn. It can be caused by scalds, sunburns, and electricity. If it is first-degree burn, home care treatments can be done including antibiotic ointments, aloe vera, lotion, and honey.

2. Ring worm

Ring worm is a fungal infection. As seen there, a fungus is the cause of this skin issue. The red patches on skin are usually in a ring shape with itchy and scaly. It can be caused by a contact with soil or infected humans or animals. To treat this skin issue, just see a doctor to get a prescription.

3. Psoriasis

Considered as an autoimmune disease, it can be said as a chronic skin issue. Your skin may get painful and also itchy. Having this skin issue can be related to people with depression. The treatment can be in form of moisturizers, creams, and other prescribed ointments that are given by a doctor.

4. Shingles

It is also known as herpes zoster. It comes from the reactivated varicella zoster or chickenpox virus in the nerve tissues. Localized pain and tingling are two early signs to know. It needs to be treated as soon as possible before getting worse and contagious.

5. Heat rash

Red patches on skin may also appear because of heat rash or miliaria. It mostly happens in humid and hot weather condition and can affect adults and children. It is mainly caused by the sweat that cannot escape because your pores are blocked. Lotions can be applied and try to get lanoline or calamine that can calm the itching.

6. Allergic eczema

Allergic eczema is also known as contact eczema, contact dermatitis, allergic dermatitis, and allergic contact dermatitis. The common triggers include adhesives, clothing dyes, hair dye, nickel, soaps, latex, poison ivy, perfumes, and antibiotic creams. To get a treatment, it needs to be diagnosed by a doctor first before getting any treatment.

The skin issues above create red patches on skin. Some of them may be itchy and painful. One thing to highlight: if it does not get better any soon, seeing a doctor is highly recommended to get proper treatment.

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