Important Information about Smoking Cause and Effect
Important Information about Smoking Cause and Effect

Important Information about Smoking Cause and Effect

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Smoking may sound like normal habit. However, there have been many precautions saying that smoking is dangerous. It can bring many kinds of health problems, and some of them are so serious which lead to death. That is why it is important to know the smoking cause and effect. By knowing the information about those two points, it can helpful to stop smoking because there can be solution made for the problems.

Knowing Some of the Smoking Cause and Effect

It is true that all things always have reasons. These words also work in the case of smoking. It is clear that there are some reasons triggering people to start smoking. It is how the bad habit starts and some people are not aware of it. In this case, there are some reasons why people start smoking.

1. Following the trend

In fact, it can be as simple as following other’s lifestyle or trend. For some people, smoking is like a part of lifestyle. In this case, some non-smokers are interested to follow the trend and lifestyle because the environment does it. In order to blend with the environment or community, people start to smoke. Then, the nicotine and other addictive substances will do the job, so the non-smokers are addicted and cannot stop smoking.

2. Reducing stress

It is not just a myth. It is true that smoking can reduce stress and depression. There are some chemicals contained in cigarette that can loosen up the muscles and relieve the stress. Therefore, some people choose to smoke since they need it to reduce the stress.

Those are some of causes that make people start smoking. Moreover, related to smoking cause and effect, it is also necessary to talk about the effect coming from smoking. As what is mentioned before, there are some health issues. Check them below.

3. Respiratory diseases

It is clear that the smoking cause and effect will be related to the respiratory system and organs. It is because smoking involves the organs. Then, the smokes and all bad chemicals will enter the body from the respiratory organs. Lungs, trachea, and even oral cavity are the potential areas for the diseases to grow.

4. Cancers

There are a lot of cancers triggered and caused by smoking habit. In this case, the lung cancer is the most common one. Meanwhile, there are also potential cancers on bladder, pancreas, trachea and other organs.

5. Problems in pregnancy

It is also important to know about smoking cause and effect since it affects the pregnancy. There are some serious issues about it, such as the preterm labor, stillbirth, and also defects on baby.

Well, smoking brings some serious problems. The causes can be simple, but the impacts are so dangerous. Even, it can lead to death. Therefore, people should stop smoking. It may not be easy since it needs consistency, discipline, as well as the real actions. These all can be started by knowing the smoking cause and effect, so there are bigger reasons to stop it.

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