How to Stop Baldness and Get Rid of Thinning Hair
How to Stop Baldness and Get Rid of Thinning Hair

How to Stop Baldness and Get Rid of Thinning Hair

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Baldness is a nightmare for everyone, both man and woman. This condition may significantly decrease one’s confidence. Research showed that approximately two-third or men start losing hair by mid-30s, while some others embrace special treatment to slow down their hair loss. What kind of treatment can be done to get rid of hair loss? How to stop baldness effectively during 30s? It becomes a necessity to understand what kind of treatment will slow down baldness, so you will not lose confidence too early.

Three Methods of How to Stop Baldness

Some people consider re-growing hair is as simple as purchasing magic potion in an online store. One application will give you significant change that small hairs start growing on your head. In fact, there is no such kind of potion. Some formulas are only effective if the hair follicles remain active in growing new hair. When it is not, chances are that it is nearly impossible to regrow hair. However, this fact should not make you sad. Below, three methods on how to stop baldness are available to help hold your hair and prevent hair loss.

1. Exercise

You may think exercise is only good for muscle and some body parts but hair. The truth, exercise indirectly involves in slowing down thinning hair. How does it work? You know that stress level is responsible to hair loss. Higher stress level potentially speed up balding process. Exercise, especially meditation, is able to lower down your stress level, which indirectly slow down the thinning hair. Exercise also avoids hormone fluctuation that is responsible to balding process.

In other words, exercise is what you need to managing stress. By doing exercise such as meditation, you are able to reduce hormone cortisol, one that is responsible to hormone fluctuation. The other exercise to choose is gym or fitness. A study show that elderly who regularly perform gymnastic and fitness release less cortisol.

2. Minoxidil

If you prefer to choose over-the-counter medicine, Minoxidil will do. This is a simple way of how to stop baldness effectively. This medication does not regrow your hair but at least it helps keep what is left. In other words, Minoxidil helps stop baldness and avoid worse condition. Minoxidil has been approved by FDA and study shows that it can increase blood flow that delivers more nutrients and oxygen to hair follicles.

3. Vitamin D

Research showed that hair loss is linked to the lack of vitamin D. People with vitamin D deficiency tend to experience hair loss. Regarding this, consuming vitamin D can be the simplest method on how to stop baldness. Include foods containing high vitamin D into your diet or consume supplements. Sunbathing early in the morning is also the cheapest treatment for your baldness.

Last but not least, thinning hair must not be underestimated. It may also be a sign of more serious health issue that you need to meet the physician if the intensity of hair loss is increasing from time to time, or, if those methods on how to stop baldness do not work for you at all.

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