How To Prevent Pimple Scars With Home Treatments
How To Prevent Pimple Scars With Home Treatments

How To Prevent Pimple Scars With Home Treatments

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Acne can be a temporary problem, but its scars remain permanently. After all, scars are the part of the skin recovery, but this must be an annoying thing with the dark bumpy thing on your face. Let’s learn the causes and how to prevent them.

Scars Causes

The acne scars actually come from the inflamed lesion, for example, cyst, pustule, and papule. The scars appear when the follicles or pores are blocked by the dead skin cells, bacteria and also excessive oil. This causes swelling-bumpy skin that break the follicle wall. A quick recovery is possible if the rupture appears near the surface of the skin. But serious scars can result from the follicle wall is broken deeply. This destroys the dermis and the healthy tissue. This is why the skin needs to produce more collagen to strengthen and grow the skin flexibility. Sadly, the skin rarely gets back as flawless as before. Besides, the deep breakouts and inflammation are the main culprit of the acne scars.

What Are The Type Acne Scars?

Sometimes, when the would is already healed, excessive collagen will be produced to recover the skin tissue resulting keloid, hypertrophic and scarring. Besides, another common acne also caused by stress and atrophic. This atrophic acne will develop when the skin loses its tissue. It is known as the boxcar and ice pick scars. Additionally, most scars often result from the Post-Inflammatory Hyperpigmentation (PIH). This discoloration will fade away or you can take some treatments such as Retin-A to speed the recovery.

How To Prevent Pimple Scars?

1. Treat Your Acne As Soon As Possible

Getting rid of acne scars is a daunting task, but you always have ways to prevent it. As you find the acne is developing, treat it as soon as possible whether you visit your dermatologist or using the over-the-counter treatment. This will minimize acne breakouts and prevent your skin from damage.

2. Reduce The Inflammation

The inflamed blemishes are the culprit of the pimple scars when it is compared to the blackheads and non-inflamed breakouts. Now, the main goal is to reduce the inflammation and avoid any activity that worsens the inflammation. Avoid scrubbing and rub it harshly such as a towel. After washing the face, let it dry naturally is the best choice.

3. Never Pick, Pop Or Squeeze the Pimples

Everyone has the temptation to squeeze, pick or pop out the pimples. But this is not the right thing to do as you will force the debris into the skin’s dermis.

4. Wash Your Face Twice A Day

The excessive-washing face is totally not OK, neither rarely wash it. If you have oily skin, excessive washing can damage your skin that leads to excessive oil producing too. Meanwhile, rarely washing your face, especially before sleeping can spread the bacteria on the face and worsen it. Many experts suggest washing face twice a day with the mild soap. Since the acne occurs on the sensitive skin, then picking product is a difficult consideration. Therefore we give you a quick guide. Avoid any cosmetic that contains alcohol, fragrance, paraben, colors and too much detergent.

Treating acne is not easy stuff, but it is worth of it when you finally can prevent the pimple scars.

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