Hair Loss In Teen and How To Fix It
Hair Loss In Teen and How To Fix It

Hair Loss In Teen and How To Fix It

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Hair loss usually becomes the adult’s problem to worry about. But teens can also have hair loss too. So, does it mean a sign of sickness for teens? Let’s learn further!

In adolescence, hair fall can be a sign of sickness or the wrong lifestyle. Besides, chemotherapy and hairstyling will result from the same thing. However, no matter what the causes are, this is stressful.

What Causes Hair Loss?

1. Illness

Hair loss can be caused by the when you are suffering from uncontrolled diabetes, thyroid disease, lupus, and polycystic ovary syndrome. Even for teens who are suffering these disease will have hair fall.

2. Medical Treatments

Due to some illnesses, the doctor will suggest the patients, even teens to go through medical treatments. Certain things like chemotherapy and drugs can cause hair fall as the side effects. Other medicines used that lead to these problems are for ADHD, bipolar disorder and acne. Also, be careful with diet pills, this might be the main culprit.

3. Alopecia Areata

This is a rare skin condition that makes the skin scalpy and causes hair fall. 1 person in 50 people is diagnosed suffering from this rare skin disorder. So far, scientist still believes that this alopecia areata is caused by the immune system that damage the hair follicles.

Usually, these diseases start with a small area that make a bald look with the scalpy skin. Sadly, this can attack guys and girls and this usually begins from childhood.

4. Trichotillomania

It is a condition that a person has a tendency to pull the hair out repeatedly which causes baldness. To cure this condition, the patient should need help from a therapist so they will stop pulling their hair out.

5. Hair Styling

Teens mostly love applying chemical or do hairstyling from hair color, perms, bleach or straightening which these activities can damage the hair fiber and cause hair fall. The traction alopecia can occur when someone style the hair too much that causes traction on the hair. If it is done in a long time, permanent baldness might happen.

6. Poor Nutrition

Nutrition deficiency can lead to hair loss. This is why some eating disorders such as bulimia and anorexia patients will get hair fall. Even, if you are a teen that goes vegan, then you will have hair loss due to lack of protein.

If a teenager is not suffering illness, then the hair loss is highly possible to be fixed. The following treatment can be done at home with simple procedures:

7. Give extra good care for hair

One of the best treatment is to give good care of the hair by picking the right product for hair fall. Mostly, hair loss is also caused by the weakened hair fiber which is prone to break when it is tied up. As your teens to apply oil for stronger strains.

8. Encourage Your Teen To Eat Protein-Rich Food

Protein is the best agent to encourage the cells to grow more hair because of this consist of keratin. Certain foods like lentils, eggs, vegetables, milk and also yogurt are the best.

Lastly, remind your teens about the importance of having natural hair. Instead of dying and styling, having natural hair can strengthen and thicken their hair.

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