Hair Loss in Cat: the Causes and Treatment to Take
Hair Loss in Cat: the Causes and Treatment to Take

Hair Loss in Cat: the Causes and Treatment to Take

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Have you ever noticed some hair loss in cat with the coat is not as bulky as it generally is? Or do you find a bald area on your cat? Those things are some symptoms of hair loss, particularly in your cat. However, there are several reasons why your lovely pet can lose their beautiful fur. Unluckily, some hair loss sometimes can also indicate a severe issue on your cat.

What Causes Hair Loss in Cat and How to Treat It?

Hair loss in the cat is generally known as alopecia. It can be caused by some general factors. When you have truly understood about the cause of hair loss in cat, then you will be able to look for some appropriate treatments to get things better. Following are several reason that causing hair loss in your lovely cats.

1. Skin condition

Sometimes, hair loss also relates to skin condition your cat experience. It is fairly possible for them to have such skin infection like cat ringworm which is known as a parasite like fleas. Another reason could be an allergy. Since those conditions could also irritate cats’ skin, they might tend to scratch more. By itching or even over grooming, it can create bald areas as well.

2. Stress

Just like a human, cats can also experience stress in their life. And stress sometimes leads to hair loss as they will drag out their fur brutally. This makes hair loss in their fur for sure.

3. Hormones

Hormonal imbalances surprisingly can also cause alopecia and bald patches. Certain hormones are actually responsible for the hair growth of cats and consecutively it might also be the reason-why cats lose their hair. When there’s a deficiency or surplus of those hormones, the hair loss could probably occur. Occasionally, you may also find that lactating or pregnant cats lose their hair because of hormone changing. But, you don’t have to worry much since fur can grow back eventually over time.

4. Poor health

Poor health or unhealthy diets can also cause alopecia. As those are somewhat broad reasons, it is also essential to speak with your vet in order to specify the primary cause. Some hair loss causes sometimes can also affect the cat owners. Even though this is unusual, it is important to make an appointment with a veterinarian as-soon-as-possible to prevent some potential issues in the future.

When you find worse hair loss condition, it would be better to see your vets. They will check your cat thoroughly and observe what is causing the alopecia. If they find fleas which are considered as a general cause of hair loss and itching, they might recommend some flea treatments for sure. Or, they may take some samples of cats’ hair to test for parasites and ringworm which is painless.
Sometimes, your vet might also take some skin samples to test for allergy due to cats’ skin condition. The cats will be given an anesthetic to reduce the pain. Otherwise, they might also take some blood samples to search for the primary disease which could be causing hair loss in cat.

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