Gaining Lower Back Pain When Sleeping? Check the Truth about It
Gaining Lower Back Pain When Sleeping? Check the Truth about It

Gaining Lower Back Pain When Sleeping? Check the Truth about It

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Do you get lower back pain when sleeping? It is okay since you are not alone. There are many people that gain this pain after sleeping. For your information, it can be caused by other conditions beside serious health problems like arthritis or cancer. The pain is often caused by strain that comes from bad posture or stress. Your sleeping positions and other habits in daily life can affect it as well. If the pain disturbs you to do activities as usual, you can try several sleeping positions that may be a help when gaining pain from lower back.

Knowing Best Positions for Lower Back Pain When Sleeping

As mentioned earlier, there are sleeping positions that you can try to reduce the pain from your lower back. When night comes, try to get used with these positions. Here is further information about sleeping positions for those who get lower back pain when sleeping.

1. Fetal position

Fetal position is recommended to do when you get the lower back pain, moreover if you also have a herniated disk. As imagined, try to sleep on one of your side and tuck the knees toward the chest. Then, move the torso toward the knees as well.

2. Pillow between the knees

Try to place a pillow between your knees. It should be done by sleeping on your side. You can apply to whichever side of the body. Make sure that the left or right shoulder makes a contact with mattress. Rest that left/right body side comfortably on the mattress. Additionally, use a small pillow if there is a gap between the mattress and waist.

3. Pillow under the knees

This one can be done for those who believe that best position for lower back pain when sleeping is to sleep on their back. It is very simple to follow since you only need to sleep on the back and place a pillow underneath the knees. It is done like that to keep the spine neutral.

4. Pillow under the abdomen

This one should be done by those who feel relaxed by sleeping on their stomach. Although there are people who gain more pain by sleeping on the stomach, others do feel comfortable. If you can sleep in this position, make sure to place a pillow under your lower abdomen and pelvis. If necessary, a pillow placed under the head can be done as well.

5. Reclined position

It may be uncomfortable to sleep in a chair for example. Therefore it is best to have an adjustable bed that can support the way you sleep in a reclined position. People who have lower back pain when sleeping and isthmic spondylolisthesis at the same time may try this one.

That’s all five best sleeping positions to apply. You can choose one of them based on your preference. In addition, lower back pain when sleeping can be prevented by considering several actions. Those include trying a new mattress, avoiding sudden movements, and going to a gym to work out. Hope it helps.

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