Facts about Smoking Cause Lung Cancer and Tips to Stop It
Facts about Smoking Cause Lung Cancer and Tips to Stop It

Facts about Smoking Cause Lung Cancer and Tips to Stop It

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All people know that smoking is a bad habit. It leads to many cases of health issues. Of course, habits of smoking cause lung cancer and it cannot be taken lightly. It is because lungs will be one of the direct organs to get the impact of smoking. In fact, the smokes go with the air and enter the lungs, so some chemicals will stay. Therefore, lung cancer is not the only threat, since other serious diseases and health problems can also happen.

How the Habits of Smoking Cause Lung Cancer

It is true that smoking brings a lot of health issues. It is because there are a lot of chemical substances found in the cigarettes. Once the cigarette is burnt in smoking, those substances will enter the body. Lungs will be the main organ to get the direct impact as the smokes are breathed in then the substances can stay in lungs. Of course, it is important to know how the habits of smoking cause lung cancer, so people will have more reasons to stop smoking.

1. Affecting the genes

As what is discussed above, there are some chemicals in cigarettes. These are the reasons how smoking cause lung cancer. These are brought inside the body when people burn the cigarettes and breathe in the smoke. In this case, those chemicals actually change the genes of human. These make some cells damaged, so they do not function properly. That is how the cancer cells grow and develop. By the intense consumption of cigarette, the changes in genes can be worse, and then the cancer cells will grow and start to create such a bad impact on body. In this case, of course cells in lung will get the impact. Therefore, lung cancer can happen.

2. Swelling and inflammation in the lung

Those chemicals also give bad impact on the lungs. Swelling and inflammation may happen since it is the biological response of body when there are strange and dangerous substances entering and damaging the organ. It may not give direct causes toward the growth of lung cancer, but it triggers the cancer then makes the condition worse. It is like giving fertilizer for cancer to grow.

By knowing the information, of course people will be aware of the risks and threats behind the smoking and cigarette. In this case, people may also have bigger intentions to stop and prevent the lung cancer after they know that habits of smoking cause lung cancer. Of course, reducing the intensity and frequency in smoking does not solve problems. Since there are still dangerous chemicals entering the body, the risks still exist.

Of course, it is hard to stop smoking. The nicotine and addictive substances make people so dependent toward the cigarette. However, it does not mean people cannot fully stop it. In this case, they need good intention and discipline. At least, they should have such reminder to stop it. It may be impossible to suddenly remove the cigarette. It needs steps and there should be consistency. Combining it with good diet and daily exercise can also bring good impact. Moreover, awareness that smoking cause lung cancer is not enough; it needs real action to do it.

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