Common Causes for Lower Back Pain in Women
Common Causes for Lower Back Pain in Women

Common Causes for Lower Back Pain in Women

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To function in daily life comfortably, it is important to have an entirely healthy body. Pain in some body parts will bring discomfort. That condition will inhibit you to flourish in regular activities. In this article possible causes for lower back pain in women will be discussed intensively. Methods to reduce the pain will be mentioned as well.

What May Cause Lower Back Pain in Women?

Here are some causes for pain around lower back area in women.

1. Spinal Problems

Spinal problems might cause lower back pain in women. There are various types of spinal problems that can affect female population, such as inflammation in the joint between pelvis and spine. Herniated disk is also a common reason for pain around that area. The pain is caused by pressured nerves. If the pain persists for some while, visiting doctor for consultation is due. It is not safe to deal with spinal issues alone. Medical treatment is required for this condition. The pain might be a symptom for worse health issues.

2. Lifestyle and Habits

If someone is constantly experience back pain in the lower part of their body, checking on current life habits may give a clue. Diet pattern affects bodily function. Lack of certain nutrients can cause pain in several body parts. It is important to keep track of daily meal plans. Drinking enough water every day is also important to prevent lower back pain in women. Habit of consuming alcohol and caffeinated drink can also influence it. Bodily posture also affects your back. Maintaining straight posture is really pivotal.

3. Emotion-related Issues

There are various stressors exist nowadays. They can be related to working life, romantic relationships, family issues, and even money. It is crucial to maintain emotional balance during difficult times. Emotion-related issues can lead to pain across the lower back. To deal with such issues, it will be best to practice meditation or yoga. The practice will improve calamity and it is good for the body too. Something as simple as breathing exercise can also prevent lower back pain in women.

Pain across the back can be caused by injuries and accidents. In the more severe cases, someone can experience fractures around spinal area. In women, osteoporosis can be the main cause for this condition. Consuming calcium regularly since the prime years can prevent it. Strain or sprain around vertebrae is less severe than fractures. It is still painful, though. Visiting orthopedic if such situation happens is mandatory. If the injury is not treated well, it can get worse in the future.

4. Pregnancy and Its Related Issues

Women who are pregnant also experience pain across the lower back area. This condition is common because in the later stage of pregnancy, woman is carrying constant weight in stomach area. That can pull some nerves in the back and cause pain. Lower back pain in women who are pregnant can also be a symptom for miscarriage. Since pregnancy can be risky in certain situations, it is suggested to consult with ob-gyn during routine checkup to discuss this issue.

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