Causes of Childhood Obesity and How to Fight Against Obesity
Causes of Childhood Obesity and How to Fight Against Obesity

Causes of Childhood Obesity and How to Fight Against Obesity

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Children today are prone to obesity. Few physical activities and unhealthy eating patterns are the most common causes of childhood obesity and are responsible to further health disorder such as diabetes and heart disease. What is actually childhood obesity? Children whose the BMI are higher than 95% of their peers are categorized into obese. Obesity, however, is a serious health problem for children because it improves the risk of chronic diseases.

Ranges of Causes of Childhood Obesity

To prevent obesity, you should understand what causes childhood obesity. There are actually wide ranges of triggering factors when it comes to obesity in children. However, the most common causes are as follows:

1. Genetic

Children whose parents are obese have higher risk to have similar health condition. Weight problem commonly run in families, therefore parents should be aware of this factor. However, not all children with obese family will experience obesity. They may have higher risk compared to other children who do not have obesity history in their family.

2. Lack of physical activity

Lack of physical activity is one of causes of childhood obesity. Children today feel comfortable lying on their bed with gadgets. This is unhealthy habit that increases the risk of obesity.

3. Unhealthy eating pattern

Eating pattern is also responsible to obesity in children. Those who frequently consume junk food, canned food with preservatives, or food with artificial sweetener have higher risk of experience obesity. This can be worse when combined with lack of activity.

In few cases, hormonal problem also becomes one of causes of childhood obesity. The risk is getting higher when children have combination of those factors. Therefore, parents should be aware of this and try best to avoid childhood obesity.

What can be done to minimize the risk and prevent the presence of obesity? Understanding the causes of childhood obesity is actually adequate to help you take the proper action. The following are recommended methods to fight against obesity in children:

a. Do more physical activities

Having more physical activities is the most effective way to fight against obesity. During spare time, ask them to walk in the park or do outdoor activities. Being physically active is the key to prevent childhood obesity. Lead by example, which means you have to be the role model for your children.

b. More family time

Find fun activities with entire family. You can set a plan for several activities such as swimming, hiking, or cycling around the neighborhood. Aside from improving health quality of family, these activities will strengthen family bond.

c. Plan healthy eating pattern

Monitor your children’s diet and eating pattern. Since unhealthy diet is responsible to obesity, parents should take action by eliminating unhealthy food and replace with veggies, fruit, and whole foods. Even though this is uneasy, you have to be creative to encourage your children to eat healthy foods.

In short, childhood obesity is a condition that can be avoided. Parents should be aware of the causes of childhood obesity and take effective action for prevention. Take more time for physical activities and monitor the diet are great methods to apply.

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