Cause of Cracked Feet and Ways to Deal with It
Cause of Cracked Feet and Ways to Deal with It

Cause of Cracked Feet and Ways to Deal with It

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Having cracked feet is an unpleasant experience. First of all, it does not look appealing. Somebody who has cracks on the feet (particularly around heels) often hesitates to wear revealing shoes. This condition can be painful too, because the inner part of your foot’s skin is exposed. The area is susceptible to bacteria and dirt. That can lead to dangerous infection if not treated properly. Knowing the cause of cracked feet is going to help you solving this issue and even avoid it.

The Top Cause of Cracked Feet

There are several possible reasons that can cause cracks on your feet. The cracks tend to form around heel area. Here are the top causes for this condition.

1. Using Strong Products

A top cause of cracked feet is strong products applied to the feet. The products can be soap or foot cream. They may contain high amount of detergent that is too harsh on the foot’s skin. Everyone has different level of tolerance toward such product. You should be mindful of body reaction after using certain products. If foot’s skin gets dry after usage then it will be better to stop. Hypoallergenic soap is recommended for this situation.

2. Nutrient Deficiency

The condition can also happen due to nutrient deficiency. Perhaps the person does not have enough vitamins, zincs, or minerals in their diet. It can affect the elasticity of skin around the feet. Because of that, splintering and peeling on the foot’s skin occur. If this is the reason, usually the person will not only experience cracked feet. Normally, having balanced diet will solve the issues.

3. Diabetes

Another cause of cracked feet is chronic disorder like diabetes. It is because diabetes patient has high level of sugar in their blood as well as poor blood circulation. They influence dryness on the skin. In person who has diabetes, it is a difficult case to solve because they do not have adequate support to heal such wounds.

4. Footwear

The footwear that one’s wearing can also cause this condition. Somebody who loves to wear open-back footwear is at risk of cracked feet. It is because such footwear enable the expansion of heel’s fat to the sides and make skin around it vulnerable to cracking. The cracking happens if the person does not take care of their feet properly.

5. Lack of Hygiene

Lack of hygiene is also often the cause of cracked feet. If someone does not clean their feet properly, the skin is vulnerable to bacteria. The bacteria may cause the splintering. Usually, it happens to people who already have dry foot’s skin. The condition will get worse if it not treated. Dangerous bacteria can even enter the inner part of skin.

Since this condition is mostly begun with dry feet, the best way to solve it is moisturizing. You can do simple method like soaking the feet in warm water regularly. Non-allergenic soap can be added to the water. Exfoliating skin with scrubber and loofah may also help as long as the condition is not too bad. It is highly suggested to apply balm on the heels as often as possible. Treating the internal cause of cracked feet (if any) should also help.

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