Back Pain Lower Back Causes, Symptoms, and Treatment
Back Pain Lower Back Causes, Symptoms, and Treatment

Back Pain Lower Back Causes, Symptoms, and Treatment

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Lumbar spine or also known as low back is a body part that commonly experiences pain. Low back itself is a well-engineered structure of nerves, ligaments, and bones that give support to your body. Despite of the remarkable structure, lumbar spine is prone to back pain lower back. Even daily activities may cause pain and injury in lower back. Understanding the causes, symptoms and treatment help you notice any minor problem with the back pain, allowing you to take the proper treatment.

What Causes Back Pain Lower Back and Symptoms

Technically, lower back supports your body weight and enables you to perform motions for daily mobility. The muscles are responsible to flex and rotate the hips while the nerves are responsible to supply sensation as well as power the muscles. Due to some reasons, lower back may experience injury and pain. What causes it?

There are wide ranges of causes when it comes to back pain. These things may trigger pain and injury in your lumbar spine:

1. Daily activities

Despite of the fact that moving your body is healthy, sometimes it can cause back pain especially high intensity motion. Your job such as pulling, lifting, or twisting your hip may contribute to lower back pain. Even if you sit the whole day and the chair is uncomfortable, it may trigger pain in your back.

2. Vigorous workout

Overdoing your workout will not give any advantage but pain in your body. Your lower back is at risk when you do the exercise vigorously, especially workout that involves lumbar spine such as gym, softball, or even golf.

3. Posture

Slouching can increase the risk of back pain. When you have to sit all day long in the office,
chances are that you will be vulnerable to back pain. Pay attention to your posture so that your weight will be best supported by lumbar spine.

What are the symptoms? Back pain causes wide variety of symptoms that you may notice. It ranges from mild to severe pain on your lower back. Depending on the severity, here are the symptoms of lower back pain:

  • Burning sensation on lower back
  • Muscle spasm in the pelvis, hips, and low back
  • Difficulty when walking, standing, or sitting
  • Stinging on lower back
  • Numbness or tingling sensation

Back pain lower back can be so annoying that you have to get proper treatment to get rid of the pain sensation. Most back pain can be relieved through several treatment including medications, self-care, therapy, and other medical procedure. To treat back pain, taking over the counter medication is recommended.

NSAIDs are commonly known to effectively treat people who suffer from it. Over-the-
counter drugs such as ibuprofen, aspirin, and motrin can reduce back pain. Before taking the drugs, make sure to check with pharmacist or doctor. In case your pain persists for several days, it means you have to call the doctor. If you have medical history with kidney disease, ulcer, or liver disease, this back pain lower back medication should be avoided.

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