Alleviating Dry Eye Pain Using Simple Methods
Alleviating Dry Eye Pain Using Simple Methods

Alleviating Dry Eye Pain Using Simple Methods

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Dry eye situation can get pretty painful for those who experience it. This situation may happen during dry seasons because there is lack of moisture in the air. It can be caused by drug consumptions or even diseases. The eyes may feel itchy and look red. To deal with dry eye pain in moderate level, you can do some simple methods at home.

How to Alleviate Dry Eye Pain Easily?

Pain caused by dry eyes can hinder daily activities. It feels irritating and tempting to just rub them, although that will worsens the condition. Below are several ways that you can try out to alleviate such pain.

1. Eye Drop

The simplest way to alleviate dry eye pain is by applying eye drop every once in a while. Eye drops will replace the lack of tears artificially. Since the level of moisture in eyes is increased, the pain will be slightly reduced. It will dry out eventually, though, so applying eye drop must be done regularly. Because of that, it is suggested to choose eye drop product with the least amount of preservative.

2. Warm Compress

To reduce the pain, it is also possible to place warm compress over the eyes. This method will encourage lipid production in the eyelid. The quality of tear production will be improved. Some symptoms related to lack of moisture in the eyes will be solved, including itchiness. It is important to use compress that is not too hot or too cool for effective result.

3. Environment Control

Dry eye pain is often caused by too dry environment. It can happen during low humidity seasons such as winter and fall. There is a way to control moisture within the environment. Humidifier is a useful tool to increase moisture content in the air. Using air filter to purify the air from pollutants is also great because those agents can irritate dry eyes even further.

4. Consume Enough Water

Dehydration may also lower water content in the eyes which causes pain sensation. To deal with that condition, everyone is suggested to follow recommendation of daily water consumption. The recommended amount ranges from eight to ten glasses per day. The water should not contain caffeine and alcohol. Fruits and vegetables that has high water content also count.

5. Better Diet Plan

Without realizing, dry eye pain can be caused by imbalanced diet. Perhaps the body does not get enough nutrients as suggested. It is highly recommended to reduce caffeine and alcohol intake. Gluten free diet is often associated by lower dry eye symptoms. Incorporating fatty fish to daily menu is also great because the food is rich of omega-3 fatty acid. The nutrient improves production for oil film in the eyelid.

6. Regular Cleansing

Another simple method that you can do is regularly cleansing the irritated eyes. The cleansing is done to lid area. It will reduce the amount of bacteria and pollutants that may worsen dry eye pain. Hypoallergenic soap should be used since skin around that area is delicate. It is suggested to use barely warm water or the cool one for this method.

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