5 Disorders That Causes Red Dry Spots On Skin
5 Disorders That Causes Red Dry Spots On Skin

5 Disorders That Causes Red Dry Spots On Skin

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Skin disorders vary in terms of symptoms and appearances. But mostly it shows the red dry spots on skin and this might be temporary or permanent with various severity. Besides, the causes can be situational or genetic. Let’s learn some skin disorder with similar red spots on the skin bellow.

1. Ringworm

Generally, the ringworm is in the form of an oval circle full of red spots inside. This is also best known as the tinea corporis which is caused by the fungal infection from sharing items such as clothing, sports gear or towels. This red spots can grow bigger with the itchy sensation and scaly skin. The ringworm usually appears in the area of wet-prone skin such as on the laps or area that gets more sweat. This is why most athlete offers to suffer from this condition. Usually, the doctors will give the antifungal pills and cream to treat it. It is suggested to change the clothes regularly, stay clean and avoid sharing clothes or other things because this is contagious.

2. Rosacea

This is a chronic disease with unknown cause and cure. Many experts believe that this condition occurs due to the blood vessels become dilate and stimulated which causes someone flush and blush. When this happens, someone will experience certain symptoms such as eye irritation, acne-like breakouts and also thickening nose skin. Interestingly, this skin disorder attack around 14 million Americans that are most often have the fair-skinned tone.

Besides, experts also believe the rosacea is triggered by the hot drinks, cold and windy weather, spicy foods and also the suns. Since there is no cure, the patients are suggested to avoid the causes and take the antibiotic. However, it is not a dangerous skin disorder and not contagious.

3. Eczema

Another disorder that causes red dry spots on skin is eczema. This is known as atopic dermatitis which causes itchy and inflamed skin. Usually, eczema appears around babies and toddler around the faces. However, there are some cases found in teens and adults too.

There is no specific examination to diagnose this disorder and this is mostly caused by the allergy. However, the doctor still will do a certain test to know the allergen that causes eczema. Besides, this is also done to know the best eczema treatment. Certain medication can be found over-the-counter such as cetirizine, fexofenadine, diphenhydramine, and loratadine. Also, you will be prescribed with cortisone creams to relieve the scaling and itching. However, this creams have side effects, for example, irritation, discoloration and thinning of the skin.

4. Actinic Keratosis

This is the pre-symptoms of skin cancer which is firstly caused by sun exposure. Therefore, this attacks the area that gets sun exposure such as face, scalp, hands, shoulders, neck, and forearms.

At first, the actinic keratosis starts with a small area that you might not notice it. After that, it slowly grows up to a 1 1/4 inch with red, brown, pink or tan in color.

People who are in a big risk for suffering this condition are the ones with less pigment like red and blonder hair also people who have immune deficiencies.

To treat this condition, laser surgery, chemical peel or topical medication will be taken. It depends on the severity.

5. Pityriasis Rubra Pilaris

Sadly, the cause of pityriasis rubra pilaris is still unknown. The appearance is more like psoriasis but this has redness and orange colors with the scaling skin. Usually, this skin disorder appears on feet, palms, and chest. Even though this sounds like less dangerous skin disorder, in fact, this can be difficult to treat.

Mostly, the doctor will prescribe the vitamin-A like products like isotretinoin or methotrexate to relieve the symptoms.

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